Traffic Rules Violation Penalty in Bangladesh


Every motor vehicle owner or driver / biker has to keep the documents updated. He has to follow the rules and regulations of driving. Every nation has its own rule. Similarly, Bangladesh also has some detailed rules. If someone does not follow the rules, the person must go through a fine or punishment. Let’s take a look at the standard of punishment in Bangladesh.


Section Description Imposed fines
1st time
Imposed fines
2nd time
137 General provision for punishment of crime 200/- 400/-
139 Installation and use of prohibited horns or sound generators 100/-
140 (1) Disobedience of orders, obstruction and refusal to provide information 400/-
140 (2) Driving on the opposite side of the oneway road 200/-
142 If you drive faster than the prescribed speed 300/- 500/-
146 Accident related offenses 500/- 1000/-
149 Using the car in unsafe conditions 250/- (In such a case if there is physical injury or property damage 1000/-)
150 Smokey motor vehicle 200/-
151 Selling or modifying a car without music 2000/-
152 Use of motor vehicle without registration, fitness certificate or permit 1500/- 2500/-
153 Authorized agents and canvassers 500/- 1000/-
154 Driving beyond the permitted weight 1000/- 2000/-
155 Without insurance motor vehicle driving 750/-
156 Driving without permission 750/-
157 Obstacles on public roads or in public places 500/-
158 Motor vehicle authorized intervention 500/-

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