Shoe Protector for Bikers


Shoe Protector for Bikers is unavoidable topic nowadays for bikers. This is a shoe defender for the bikers. It will shield the shoe from getting harmed by the stuff moving oar. This issue is perhaps the most widely recognized issues of the bikers which is additionally the primary purpose behind harming the footwear of the bikers. It will be practically useful for the bikers who generally takes his bicycle alongside him whether he is wearing easygoing shoes, sports shoes or formal shoes since it will keep your shoes in their unique structure with harming on the upper side where the stuff moving oar squeezes.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work

You can keep your shoes protected from dusts, dirt and grease on the gear shifter.

  • Try to have 100% leather 0% Compromise: All leather construction and no cheap liners
  • Use adjustable leather strap
  • Premium Suede lining to prevent any damage to the shoe
  • Comes with a cotton sack to store the shoe protector after riding

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