Royal Enfield Permission in Bangladesh


Bikers in Bangladesh are one bit nearer to ride a high-limit bike after Ifad Autos marked a reminder of comprehension with British-reared Royal Enfield to import the celebrated bikes.

Established in 1955, Royal Enfield is one of the world’s most seasoned bike marks still in activity. Since 1994, it has been possessed by India’s Eicher Group.

Ifad Autos will showcase the bicycles of Royal Enfield, said Taskeen Ahmed, overseeing head of Ifad Autos.

The nearby organization is the wholesaler of India’s TVS-marked three-wheelers and the business vehicles of Ashok Leyland.

Nonetheless, the public authority needs to change rules to permit the import of high-limit bicycles. As of now, bicycles with a limit of up to 165cc can be imported, as indicated by the Import Policy Order 2015-2018 of Bangladesh.

Regal Enfield makes motorbikes in the mid-section market with a limit of 250cc to 750cc, as per a news story of the BBC.

Bicycle makers and constructing agents have mentioned the public authority to permit them to fabricate up to 500cc cruisers for the fare market. The public authority has said it would permit them to make bicycles of up to 350cc, Ahmed said.

“After the public authority endorsement, we will get a few bicycles of higher limit. At that point we will choose what should be possible,” he said.

Ifad Autos is considering fabricating high-limit bicycles to keep the cost inside the purchasing force of shoppers. Regal Enfield bicycle will cost Tk 3.5 lakh to Tk 4 lakh.

Exactly 500,000 units of bikes are sold in Bangladesh consistently. Of them, 35,000 are top of the line.

“In this specific situation, the market size isn’t little for the top of the line section,” Ahmed said. He trusts the public authority will give a roundabout to permit the import of high-limit motor bicycles.

The interest for very good quality cruisers will increment progressively in Bangladesh as the economy is developing and per capita pay is rising, he said.

In August 2018, the public authority gave the approval to Runner Automobiles to import crude materials and parts to make bikes with a limit of 165cc to 500cc.

Illustrious Enfield is growing forcefully as it intends to take advantage of the world’s greatest motorbike-purchasing market in Asia, as per the BBC. As of late, it reported designs to open another manufacturing plant in Thailand.

Deals for Royal Enfield grew 88 percent across the locale in 2019.

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