Digital Registration Certificate (DRC)

digital registration

Digital Registration Certificate (DRC)

Digital Registration Certificate (DRC) with electronic security chips with electronic chips of newly registered motor vehicles is being issued instead of paper book format registration certificates. After depositing the fee of DRC, the customer is informed via SMS to provide biometrics (four fingerprints, digital photo and signature). To provide biometrics, the customer has to make an appointment via SMS. Once the DRC is created, the customer is informed via SMS and similarly by making an appointment, the customer can receive the DRC at the scheduled time. The following documents must be brought along to provide biometrics (photo, fingerprint and signature) of Digital Registration Certificate-
  • Applicable fee for DRC Original copy of deposit receipt (555 / -) and one set of photocopy (A4 size);
  • Original copy of Registration Certificate / Receipt Receipt and one set of photocopies (A4 size);
  • One set photocopy along with original copy of National Identity Card / Driving License (Smart Card) / Machine Readable Passport; 

 a) Appointment procedure for providing biometrics for digital registration certificate:

Go to SMS option of mobile and send to NP <SP> Space> B <Space> Date Type Cove 6969. For example, if you want to make an APPOINTMENT for the date of 15th February as per your choice, you have to write NP B 15 and send it to 6969. Note that in case of SMS (date of choice) there is no need to write month, year. Biometrics can be provided at the time mentioned in the return message on your mobile.

b)  To receive the Digital Registration Certificate, you need to make an appointment:

Go to SMS SMS on mobile and type NP <Space> C <Space> Date and send to 6969. For example, if you want to make an APPOINTMENT for the date of February 20 as per your choice, you have to write NP B 20 and send it to 6969. Return message can be received at the specified time and digital registration certificate can be accepted. If it is not possible to accept the certificate on the due date, re-appointment can be made in the same manner.

c) Copy of Digital Registration Certificate (original copy lost):

  • Application in the prescribed form;
  • Receipt of applicable fee deposit;
  • Provide full other address along with name / father / husband’s name in English in the relevant sample signature form and all other information of the form including 3 (three) copy stamp size photographs. If the car is owned by a company, bank or any other organization, the letter on their own letter head pad, sample signature in the relevant form and other information including the name and address of the organization in English.;

Display of fee deposit receipt along with vehicle number and updated photocopy of tax, fitness and romant permit (if applicable), if not updated, present at the office for on-the-spot inspection of the vehicle. If the registration certificate is lost, provide the following information along with the above information

  • Copy of police GD;
  • Exemption from the traffic department of the police regarding non-FIR cases;
  • In case of discrepancy in the signature of the applicant, attend the concerned office and sign the application form etc.

Helpline: 01790-540210, 01790-540211 (excluding public holidays and weekly closing days from 9:00 am to 05:00 pm)

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